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It has been said, "an organization is only as good as it's own volunteers!" That quote is the foundation corner stone our organization is based upon.

We could not support our heroes and their families if it were not for fine folks like you!
Our volunteers take the time from their lives and their busy schedules and give back to those who have given all, and do it with respect, honor, and dignity.

Joining the Patriot Guard Riders is a very easy process. Simply go to the link at the right that says "Click Here to Join", then fill out and submit the questionnaire. This will register you with the National Patriot Guard Riders, of which we are a part, as well as give you access to the PGR store, the many forums available on the National website, and also put your name on their notification list. After doing this, simply send an email to the Washington State Captain requesting to be placed on our email mission notification list, then watch the mission postings you will receive, and decide which mission(s) you wish to attend. The State Captain's email address is listed under the tab labeled "leadership contacts." We will take care of the rest. There are no dues, no meetings, no attendance requirements, and no age requirements - simply the desire to show up, and to show Honor and Respect for our Fallen Heroes.

Below, please click the links for documents that explain some of the fundamentals we use for safety, honors, and flag protocol. Reviewing these documents will help you understand what is going on when you go on your first mission.

Again, "Welcome Aboard!"


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